Educational Travel

Educational Travel

Recently, more and more students from around the world (mainly from Asian countries) have visited our city on their educational trips, which include farm staying.

The programs the host families provide include workshops to experience Japanese culture; harvesting on farms, cooking local cuisine, wearing kimono and learning flower arrangement or tea ceremony.

04_overseas_01family 04_overseas_02kimono

Optional Programs

Some programs can accommodate a larger group of students.

04_overseas_03goma 04_overseas_04soumen 04_overseas_05drum

To Be Prepared for Just in Case

-Please submit a list of students’ names with their allergy and other necessary medical information to the organizer and host families.

-Each host family has the instructions in writing with day-and-night emergency contact numbers near their home phone.

-Please contact us about your request for Wi-Fi or other communication devices in host families’ houses and accommodation for guides.


PDF / Educational travel guide(English)
PDF / Educational travel guide(Korean)
PDF / Educational travel guide(Traditional Chinese)
PDF / Educational travel guide(Simplified Chinese)